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By | October 17, 2010

We all love our music and have hundreds of gigs of  music files stored in the our devices. This music has been collected over years from different sources and sorting, cataloging and maintaining such a huge music collection isn’t an easy job. In such cases, the meta tags associated with the music files, or ID3 tags in case of MP3 files are a great help. ID3 tags provide an easy way to mark the information about the song and its association with a compilation/album/artist etc within the file attributes. All the tools that we have for sorting out the music make use of these ID3 tags only.

Now, the problem is, a lot of music that we get from the web is from the sites that offer free MP3 downloads. And sadly, most such websites spam the ID3 tags with either their site urls or some crappy junk text. With all that spam in the tags, not only it gets difficult to manage the music files but everytime the MP3 player displays song info, its loaded with unnecessary junk, which gets pretty annoying.

I had been looking for a tool to help me clean out this junk text from the mp3 files for a long time now. I found a lot of tools to edit ID3 tags, but couldn’t find anything that would allow me to bulk edit tags and remove some string from the text.

Hence, I coded my own application to perform the task. This tool would help the user to bulk edit files in multiple folders and clean up any unwanted text string from the ID3 tags and retain the relevant song information. I have tried it on a lot of mp3 files with a variety of strings that I wanted to remove and has worked out pretty well.

I also shared it with a few of my friends were also struggling with the same issue and they too loved it. Hence, I decided to share it with the world and help out anyone else who has faced a problem with the tags.

The tool is a quick n dirty development effort and might have got some bugs in there, but I hope it would carry out the desired task quite satisfactorily. If  you want to try it out, you can download it from the link at the bottom.

In case you have any questions/concerns/suggestions/feedback etc.., please put a comment here, or mail me at the mail address specified in the readme.txt .

Download it here :  CleanMP3TagsGUI1.0beta.zip

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